Robert J. Madison, the son of former slaves, and father of Julian C. Madison, received his engineering degree from Howard University in 1923. In 1930 he became the first black civil engineer to be hired by the Federal Government, he earned the highest score ever on the civil service exam, and the first black engineer to register in the state of Ohio. He died in 1951 of cancer after starting a firm, Madison and Madison, which he left in the care of his sons Robert Jr, and Julian.

Julian C. Madison’s father had left quite and impression on his son. Julian learned very early that if he was going to work in his chosen field, engineering, he was going to start his own business. After going to Howard University, like his father, and getting his degree. He worked with Rev. Weeks to sell his program, an architectural firm, to the board of trustees at Plymouth Church in New York. He dream was accomplished. Together Julian C. Madison and, his daughter, Sharon Madison purchased a beautiful 7 story building located in the heart of downtown Detroit, MI at 1420 Washington Boulevard.

The Julian C. Madison building is full of great history, and a belief that one has to take their destiny into their own hands in order to progress in life.